Winterize Your Water Hose

It is pretty simple to winterize your water hose so it does not freeze during winter. The heat tape is the most expensive item, but it’s well worth it over having frozen water in your lines!

Step 1: Wrap your Hose in Aluminum Foil. Some places on the internet use some other material to wrap the hose, we opted for the aluminum foil option as it seemed to have the best reviews around the web!

Step 2: Put the Heat Tape on the Hose, or rather let the heat tape rest along to the hose.

Step 3: Put Pipe Insulation around the heat tape and the hose. We recommend you use pipe insulation that is about an inch larger than the hose and the heat tape, that way the insulation will fully wrap around the hose and heat tape.

We used duct tape to ensure the insulation stayed around the hose and heat tape.

Heat Tape comes in varying sizes, much like potable water hoses. We originally had a 50 ft potable water hose because we needed one that long where we were in California. About two months ago, in preparation for winter, we ordered something much smaller at only 15 ft, the Teknor Apex (7503-15) 1/2″ x 15′ Starter Water Line Hose. It works great and we don’t have much excess like we used to with the 50 ft potable hose.

All that to be said, we purchased the smaller potable water hose in order to purchase the smaller length of heat tape, which came in at 18 ft. We went with the Frost King Automatic Electric Heat CableSo far, so good! We’ve had some nights below freezing already and has worked great!

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