Winter Prep for a Tiny House

We did a few things for our winter prep for our tiny house. WINTER IS COMING!

Winter Prep for a Tiny House1) We removed the sun screen shades that we installed during summer time to help block excess sunlight from penetrating the windows. You can see the Sun Screen Shades in this post and in this video!

2) We removed our window A/C Unit and are now storing it in our second loft. You can see the Window A/C Unit in this post and in this video!

3) We added another coat of stain and spar urethane sealant to the exterior cedar. We have three colors on our cedar: Minwax Special Walnut, Minwax Red Mahogany, and Minwax Golden Pecan.

4) We built a stand for our secondary Envi heater out of PVC pipe! It works great! We decided to purchase a second Envi heater since the one probably won’t be substantial enough during winter freezing temperatures. Had we known we were going to leave California when we were building the tiny house, we would have chosen a more expensive but more effective heating option. In the meantime, we’ll use the two Envi heaters for this winter and we’ll reassess in Spring Winter Prep for a Tiny House - envi stand2017 whether we’re going to keep the two heaters or shoot for a different heating option.

In addition to the winter prep items listed above, we’re also considering looking into skirting to go around the bottom of the house to help prevent cold air from rushing under.

Edit: We did go with a DIY skirting option! Check out the post or the video about our DIY Skirting!

We also spent time to winterize the water hose. This is something very important to do in case you live in an area where it regularly gets to below freezing temperatures. You can find more out about by watching our short video, you can click this link for the Winterize Your Water Hose post and click the link below for the video!

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Winterize Your Water Hose

Check out our video about our Winter Prep on our Tiny House below!


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