Where have we been?

I know there hasn’t been much posting in the past few months on the site or videos on the YouTube channel… and we promise we’re going to work on posting and updating more regularly. It’s just that since we decided to move across the country from California to Tennessee… we’ve actually been able to do a lot of the things we really wanted to do. Travel. Bike. Run. Hike. Race. So on and so on!

We’ve travelled to Nashville several times, several waterfalls around the area, several places to hike, Ohio twice to see family on two different occasions, Lexington quite a bit to see friends, Chicago for several days, and more. We’ve been enjoying the luxury of being able to travel more. So far, for 2017 we’ve got some travel plans to go to Boston for the Boston Marathon. We’ll be going to California in the 2017, along with traveling to Alabama to see my wife’s brother, and Georgia for a marathon I’m pacing. There are other potential travel talks of going to Alaska to see her family, possibly Hawaii, too? We shall see!

Wasn’t that basically why we did this whole tiny house journey anyway? So that we could actually spend time doing what we want to do, focus on our real goals, become even more financially independent. I mean, true, you only live once, so it’s best to live it as much as you can without regrets.

Don’t get us wrong, we still work and when we work, we work HARD! As I posted many months ago, I left my job in “Corporate America”… and since then it’s been great and I’ve been doing relatively something on my own. Since the end of May, I’ve been a Business Consultant for a 2 year old start up out of New York. It’s quite beautiful as I’m able to set my own schedule, work how much or as little as I want, and can work wherever I want. The work may not be what I want to do long term, but it’s really allowing us to do what we want right now and save money, too.

pocketwifi-epic-tiny-house-where-have-we-beenMrs. Epic has been doing remote bookkeeping and tax work for a company in our local area since April. She enjoys it for the most part and it grants her freedom similar to mine.

Again, our jobs may not be the “dream job” for either of us, they do grant us a lot of freedom that we otherwise may not have. The main thing is flexibility and freedom to go where we want, when we want… and we have the awesome PocketWifi that allows us to have solid 4G wifi nearly everywhere!


Edit: December 2016 – My contract position with the company I was working with has ended.

That being said, we’re still here and we’re hoping to get our things back in order so we can do more posts here on the website and our YouTube channel. Stay tuned and thanks for being here!


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