Tiny House DIY Skirting

diy skirting tiny houseWe knew that since WINTER IS COMING… we needed to do some DIY skirting. There were several options we looked at, but most of them would have cost $250 or more and I did not want to spend that much

For about $120 we were able to make some pretty cool DIY skirting for our tiny house!

We purchased FIVE 4ft x 8ft “Poly” 3/4 inch rigid foam insulation boards. Each of the boards was around $12 each from the local Home Depot.

We also purchased a roll of heavy duty & all weather duct tape in black to match the black trailer foundation our tiny house is built on.

Lastly, we purchased a gallon of Valspar heavy duty exterior grade black paint. We definitely could have used a quart or so.

We wanted to make sure that the DIY Skirting looked as decent as possible and still be effective in case of wind.

The DIY Skirting on the bottom of a tiny house (or RV or even a mobile home) can help prevent the wind from blowing under, thus cooling off the house. When the cold wind does not pass through under the floor, the house has a better likelihood to not become as cold!

We’re hoping through December, January, February and March that we’ll be able to recoup the cost for the DIY skirting with the savings we should have from not having to have the heat on as high!

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