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Updated Cost of Living Estimates

How much should a monthly cost of living be? As mentioned in the previous post, Baseline Living Costs, from over a year ago, one of the big topics Mrs Epic and I discussed quite a bit when we were talking about building and living in a tiny house included finances....

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Tybee Island Trip

Tybee Island Trip Last night of our Tybee Island trip before we head home to our lovely tiny house in Tennessee! We played some Super Scrabble, watched and laughed at the hilarious show, Impractical Jokers, and watched the ocean waves from the comfort of the inside...

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Tiny House Winter Heat

Tiny House Winter Heat For our Tiny House Winter Heat... we have two Envi convection heater units and they're perfect! Sometimes Mrs. Epic has to bust out the small little space heater to keep her feet warm, but for the most part it keeps our kitty nice and warm...

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Kitty on the DIY Stairs

DIY Stairs Our kitty, Bucket, loves to sit on the top step of the tiny house stairs. Click the link to read more about our tiny house stairs! He likes to perch on the top step so he can see everything going on in the house. In the photo below, it looks like he's ready...

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low key Christmas

Low Key Christmas We celebrated a low key Christmas holiday weekend and it was awesome! We played #cards and watched Home Alone, The Santa Clause and The Grinch! We also went to go see "Acrobats of China" in Pigeon Forge! We definitely recommend checking it out!...

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Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday Here's a fun Throw Back Thursday to when the one and only @realmklibrary from MKLIBRARY.COM visited us. He took this awesome photo from our tiny house loft while we were cooking some delicious food in our completely functional, Awesome tiny house...

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Fun Update

Fun Update Lots of things have happened in our #tinyhouse since we last posted. One of the most fun update things was getting a new triathlon bike and racing wheels!!! Check out Instagram: #Repost @ironwillruns (@get_repost)・・・#Dang. #Sophia (my race bike) is on #fiya...

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Tiny House Survey – due March 1, 2017!

Lauren Boeckermann is completing a senior thesis project exploring the features of tiny house living including: overall satisfaction, motivations, and participation in the online community, and she needs our help! If you are living in a tiny house (either renting or...

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Tiny House Propane Cooktop Options

Tiny House Propane Cooktop Options During the research phase, we knew there were a lot of tiny house propane cooktop options. Here are some key things we had to consider: Do we want 2 burners or 4 burners? How much space are we going to have for the Tiny House Propane...

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Best Refrigerators for Tiny Houses

Best Refrigerators for Tiny Houses During the process of building a tiny house there is a lot of research that goes into each part! Living with one of the best refrigerators can make your life so much better. Tiny house refrigerator options can range anywhere from a...

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Tiny House Water Heater Options

Tiny House Water Heater Options There are many Water Heater Options when it comes to tiny house living. Whether you're living a tiny house, RV, mobile home, a modern sized home or are wanting to live in something without a massive water heater tank, there are Water...

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Our Story:

Long story short, this tiny house thinking process started around December 2014 due to a realization that we don’t want to be stuck in jobs we do not like, chasing dollars, wasting our lives not doing things we enjoy.

  • January 2015, we started to sell items and downsize for the next 8 months.
  • February 2015, We travelled to Portland to stay in a Tiny House to see what it was like.
  • Mid March 2015, we ordered our trailer and we had the privilege to assist in a tiny house build for our friends on Tiny House Nation
  • Mid April 2015, our trailer arrived.
  • Beginning of May 2015, Subfloor was finished. Beginning of July 2015, started working on framing.
  • August 2015, completed framing and roof sheathing & moved our house.
  • Mid October 2015, Exterior siding and metal roofing was complete. We were dried in!
  • January 1, 2016, electrical wiring completed, plumbing completed.
  • Middle of January 2016, all interior insulation and interior walls installed and painted!
  • As of February 2016, we started living in our tiny house.. Although we have much further to go with reducing our possessions, we love our house. It’s so comfortable. We hope you like it, too!
  • End of March 2016, we moved our tiny house from CA to TN!
  • Mid November 2016 we moved our tiny house 20 miles, still in TN to a better location!

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